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Let's play [05 Dec 2004|04:19pm]
Let's play a little game. Once you comment to mine be sure to copy and paste this into your journal making it public so others can post Anonymous as well.

Here is how it works. post Anonymous and say something or tell me something about you that should make it so obvious for me to know it's you. See if I've been paying close enough attention and can guess it's you on the first guess. Don't worry I'll keep guessing until I get it right. Just remember to keep checking back for my guess and not to post as yourself.

Let the game begin!
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Friends Only Comment to be added! Not all are Added! [08 Nov 2004|10:31am]
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[29 Oct 2004|08:14am]

I'm going to clean my friends list. I have quite a few people who never post or look alive and other shit. Theirs so much going on with me lately I just feel some of those that look "dead" need to go if all they are doing it reading. So if you are removed later today please don't take it personal. It's not I just feel 80 people is to much when some don't even come around. So later today when I get to it some will be taken off.

If you'd like to be removed now is also the time to say so no hard feelings.

*hugs to all*
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snatched from kandykisses221 [17 Aug 2004|01:43pm]

Post your completely honest opinion of me as a comment to this entry. Post anonymously and don't feel afraid to say whatever. I want you to be brutally and completely honest. Write as much or as little as you want, but if you're reading this, I want you to comment. Once you're done, put this in your own journal.

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NEW FRIENDS ONLY POST!!!! [29 Jun 2004|09:31pm]

Comment to be added. I may or may not add you.

My close friends
Friends I talk too
The Guys
Tribe Fans
Wicca / Pagan
Just for her
Sexual talk

Also ask request for what filters you'd like to be placed in from the above list you may not get into them right away but as time goes you might be added.
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[03 Jun 2004|07:41am]
Making a public note. I am going to clean my friends list today. Those whom are on my list and active will not be deleted so don't worry but a few who have not posted in months, a don't see we have anything in comman anymore, or I just feel like removing then I would hope they would do the same and remove me as well. If you have added me and I have never added you back please take the time now to delete me from your friends list or I'll end up just banning the name to clean up my user page.

This post is public so all should see it. If you feel we no longer have anything in comman with me please take the time now to comment and tell me you will be taking me off your friends list so I won't still be linked to you and you not linked back.

Now last but not least. Anyone who has asked me to add them and have not added me back I will also be deleting you if you are not linked back to me.

Thank you all and have a nice day and week.
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[20 May 2004|07:03pm]

My new friends only picture. Please comment to be added. (Of course this is for those not already on my list).
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[19 May 2004|06:50pm]
Always wanted to ask me something but to scared or shy to ask? Well here is your chance. Ask me anything your heart desires by asking Anonymously and then place this in your journal (Making sure it's public) and see what others wanted to ask you.
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Bye Bye [17 May 2004|02:11pm]
Sorry but I removed a few people from my friends list. It's nothing personal though it may seem that way but it's not. I just took those off I feel I have nothing in comman with or once that never post anymore.
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[25 Apr 2004|08:26pm]
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STOLEN from tigarbaybee [10 Feb 2004|01:22pm]
Talk dirty to Me ... but do it anonymously. I want you all to tell Me what you'd like to do to Me, or what you would like Me to do to you. Be as detailed as you wanna be, but do it anonymously. Or, just tell Me a secret. If you have a crush on Me, if you completely hate My fucking guts, anything. I command you! Heheh
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Just a little piece of writting [25 Sep 2003|08:34am]
I was lost and cold running threw the darkness of my sorrow when out of the darkness a light was shown and a dark figure approached me. They extended their hand and as I took it the darkness disappeared and I looked at you. The light shining bright on your face and the grip you had on my hand. I knew then you had saved me from a world I no longer wanted to be apart of. You gave me hope, you gave me life, and you gave me happiness. You are my saviour, my strength, and my everything. I just hope one of these days you can see what you are to me.
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Now only for my friends! [16 Aug 2003|10:52am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

title or description

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That's all for now folks.... [31 Jul 2003|06:37pm]
[ mood | content ]

Okay well got a good call today. My sister in law is trying to switch jobs and wants me to take over hers. I’d be a secretary at a Purcell auto shop. Go me! Getting paid $10 a hour cash to Answer phones and play on the computer hehe…. Working during the week of course after Ash goes to school…. Grin! Would be nice but I’m not holding my breath cause it sounds to good to be true. So we’ll see. I didn’t actually plan on going to work when Ash went to school. At least not off the bat. But guess everyone else wants me to. Grrr….

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How compatible are you with your LJ friends? [31 Jul 2003|10:28am]
[ mood | curious ]

Updated with new friendsCollapse )

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Join.....:p:p [31 Jul 2003|09:26am]
[ mood | content ]

Okay I'm going to help devildogsgirl out since I know many of my lj friends like rpg's :p go visit _nightlife_ and join the rpg. I think many might like it. After all it's a bar scene who wouldn't like it :D

Okay that's all for now. I want to learn how to make a blinkie I think it's harder then it looks. :(

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Rant's and Rambles [30 Jul 2003|06:29pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

I feel like all I do lately is bitch about people. Maybe I'm talking to to many people these days that aren't good to talk to or something....

D said he was going to do something for someone else and I told him not to say he would if he didn't plan on going threw with it. But no he said it and now he's not wanting to go threw with it. GUESS WHAT? I'll be the one to hear about it. *Sighs* people are so pissing me off. WHy say you are going to do something if you're not going to. And of all things after being asked not to say anything until you are sure.

Didn't make if to FInding nemo. GO figure! It go kind of cloudy and looked like rain. So we didn't go since my lights wouldn't go out on me. Something else D said he'd fix and didn't. Go figure he said he'd do something for me and didn't.

Been working on MY BLEND pictures. I think once I work more and more on it they'll get better. At least I hope they do.

My neck hurts and I'm sleepy again but how much do you bet I can't sleep tonight as usual. I might need a drink here soon. :p

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Quiz [30 Jul 2003|03:35pm]
You're a Fairy

What mystical woman are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
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Blending [30 Jul 2003|01:27pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

I just made one of my first good blending pictures....what do you think?

Beth Chote / Lottie

I like it and think she's so cute :p

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Fair warning just bullshit below :p [30 Jul 2003|10:53am]
[ mood | confused ]

Man I’ve been debating on taking the girls to see Finding Nemo...*sighs* I guess I will. I really need to get out and I’ve heard it was great. :p Plus it’s a reason for more money. Just have to stop by the sugar daddy’s work place and say I want more money…here God I love being spoiled! I should have been more like this growing up. People ask all the time why I make him spoil me and it’s simple. He knew fourth hand what he was getting into. I was NOT spoiled growing up. Actually I was very neglected and tossed from home to home and had to ;listen to people bitch about my mother doing it and not coming back for days at a time.

So anyways I was determined I wouldn’t be involved with anyone at all in any way if I wasn’t. Well me and the husband are / were separated and I still get / got everything paid for. I still think we might try to work things out so I’m better off. I know I’m terrible. I love the guy just not in any sexual way.

With him living with me I’m able to go out and him watch my daughter. (Before anyone ask. NO he’s not her father) but anyways. I get to do more. When she starts school next month I’m not sure what I’m going to do. *Sighs again* I feel so undecided on things these days and so lost.

I don’t know what I’m doing with my life or why. I’m just so confused. I’d say I’m going threw a mid life crises *giggles* if I wasn’t 24 I don’t think it’s possible this young. Then again I could be wrong I have been before. :p

Well g2g and get the freaking kids ready. What the hell do you do with a 4 and 11 yr old together? Such a age difference and yet I’m still mommy *Confused look*

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